Behringer FM600: A Happy Accident

Earlier this ear I was shopping on amazon for cheap distortion pedal and  a pitch shifter. However, I must have been drunk, or something, because I ended up with this purple pedal on my doorstop. But I’m happy as I could be with this purchase, as this pedal is capable of bringing a new array of sound to my pallette, for a very modes price (about 40 €).

So, what is the pedal I’m talking about? It is the Behringer Filter Machine FM600. It comes in the same plastic box format as the FM600 and the RV600, but with a purple lively, that somehow matches the one on my Streichfett.  Continue reading “Behringer FM600: A Happy Accident”

New Video, New Channel!

So in the last few months I’ve been considering opening up my hobby of making music (electronic music in particular) and start publishing some of my stuff. This lead me to make the not-so-short video on hooking up a MicroKorg and a Volca Bass.

But today I decided I should do some quality stuff if I’m serious about sharing my stuff with the rest of the world, and therefore launched my public YouTube channel, Philip+. To mark the occasion, I made this cover of Guru Josh Project’s song “Infinity”.