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Stylophone Gen X-1: First Impressions

Yesterday, a small box entered my home. It is the Stylophone Gen X-1. Apparently, this is an upgraded version of the original stylophone David Bowie plays in the Space Oddity video clip. As many of you know, I have a soft spot in my heart for small noisy machines, and this one promises to be much more than that, so for 60 euros, I went forward and brought the thing.

The first thing you notice when taking the stylophone out of the box is that it it light, but not so light that it feels like a toy. The box is solid and doesn’t appear to bend easily. The knobs on the front panel are very similar to the ones you find on the Volcas and the Monotrons: they to wobble a ¬†little bit, but are perfectly usable. On the left side you also have the ON/OFF switch and three toggle buttons labeled “X”, “-1” and “-2”. Continue reading Stylophone Gen X-1: First Impressions

New Tutorial Series Released Today!

Just a quick update. I just uploaded the first episode of a 7 (or 8) episode tutorial series devoted to the Korg SQ-1. I’ve been having a few requests to do such a thing, and I finally managed to get the time and courage to do it. The tutorials will be added to this playlist on my YouTube Channel. I hope you enjoy this new series, find it inspiring and start applying the tips and tricks in it to make new music.

Please feel free to put you questions in the comments for the video. I’ll try to reply to them either via reply, or on a future episode, or even on a Q&A episode at the end of the series.

New Digs

This is the first time I write here since early June. Thankfully, there is a good reason behind mu absence: in mid-June me and my girlfriend started living together. And because this is a new house, we were able to make some adjustments to my  setup.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that my main keyboard (a Edirol PCR-500) now sits on the lower shelf of a Ultimate AX-48 Pro. The MicroKorg and the MicoBrute alternate as tenants of the upper shelf. Perhaps in the future a third shelf will be added eihter for a laptop, or a Beatsetp Pro, or another keyboard synth ;)

The rest of the space is occupied by Ikea furniture, which provide placement for all the small stuff: Volcas, the QY-70, the SU-10, all the guitar pedals, two half-rack synth modules (a FB-01 and a gorgeous sounding JV-1010) and other little bits. But most important, some duets may be on the way ;)

Vlog Experiment

Ok, so this was my first experiment vloging on YouTube. I think it when well… except for the Volca that does not respond to MIDI, the head bump into the mic, my face on the video, and some attempts at assassinating the English language…Should I repeat it?

January Updates

It’s been a while since I write on this blog, so here’s a quick summary of the end of 2015, and plans for 2016.

By the end of October I knew I was meant to go to India on work, so I spent most of my spare time in November preparing for the trip (doctor’s appointments, visa, flight plans, touring plans, etc). On December first I took the long and boring Porto-Frankfurt-Delhi-Lucknow flights, followed by a two-hour drive to Kanpur. While I was in India, this website, and the Volca Sample Tutorial Series were feature in an article in Synthopia, which was overwhelmingly great.

I arrived back at home on December, the 16th only to find out my lab was going to be closed between Christmas and New Year’s day…. Continue reading January Updates