Synthesizers of the world: UNITE!

Ok, so this is a little bit of a joke. Earlier this year Korg launched the Minilogue, and soon enough the internet was flooded with cry babies complaining that the Minilogue clicks a lot. So last weekend I decided to do a kind of a parody over these complaints, using the clickiest of all my synths: The Monotribe.

So, the video is mostly raw footage from the backing track, with extracts from the movie “The Truth About Communism” obtained from the Internet Archive.

Musically speaking, this was a little more of a challenge. The backing track was performed live and the signal chain goes as follows: the Volca Beats gives sync pulses to the SQ-1. It is also giving me some rhythm track to guide me, although it is not recorded (in the video you can see the audio out is unplugged). The SQ-1 is controlling the Monotribe using CV and gate (to see how I did the adaptor, check this and this video). Since I have the Monotribe calibrated to accept the CV from the MicroBrute and didn’t care for tuning, the track sounds atonal. The Sound from the monotribe goes into the FX600 for a little bit of chorus, then into the Nux Time Core for some time sync’ed Ping Pong Delay, and then finally to the RV600 for some cave reverb (which has a little bit of a delay character). The idea was for the click to be musically meaningful… something between a kind of percussion¬† and bombs detonating in the distance. I think I managed to do ok with that.

On post-production, three tracks were added using sounds from the Streichfett: a long Cello pedal, some vocal chords and an arpeggio for the second half of the song (using the arpeggiator from the MicroKorg). Finally the rhythmic pattern from the beats was recorded onto a fifth track. As usual, the audio production was made in ardour, and the video later edited using kdenlive.  I hope you enjoy listen to it as much as I did making it.


Here’s something I made last weekend… partly inspired by the Delay Lama plugin (hence the track’s title), which I tried to recreate in the Microkorg. One nice thing about programming synths is that you start of with an idea of what you want, but then you start talking to the synth and new ideas emerge… All I ever wanted was a patch… ended up with a track.

The Volca Beats provides a much needed fill of the sonic spectrum. I hope your weekend was as good as mine, and which you a good week. Thanks for watching and listening.

New Video, New Channel!

So in the last few months I’ve been considering opening up my hobby of making music (electronic music in particular) and start publishing some of my stuff. This lead me to make the not-so-short video on hooking up a MicroKorg and a Volca Bass.

But today I decided I should do some quality stuff if I’m serious about sharing my stuff with the rest of the world, and therefore launched my public YouTube channel, Philip+. To mark the occasion, I made this cover of Guru Josh Project’s song “Infinity”.