Music Gear

Over the years I collected some music gear. Most of it are entry-level devices, as well as a few pearls that can be brought for cheap on the second-hand market (e-bay, for the most part). I find making music on physical instruments much more entertaining and enjoyable than creating on a digital canvas.

That being said, I’m also a fan of using open-source music production software, as well as programming my own utilities using Pure Data. Although I did enjoy the early daw-less movement, I’m not all that keen on doing everything in boxes. I do enjoy mixing and general post-production in the DAW (usually Ardour or Harrison’s Mixbus): they are great, they allow me to explore effects I would not access otherwise, and they also allow me to plan and compose pieces, even if I’m just brushing chord progressions and time-indications before pressing that record button.

The following is a (rather incomplete) list of the music gear I have, categorized by their function. I also keep a list of the music software I use.

Synthesizers (ordered by Brand)

  • Arturia
    • MicroBrute
    • MicroFreak
  • Korg
    • Microkorg
    • Volca Keys
  • Roland
  • Waldorf

Pedals & Effects

MIDI Controllers

  • Arturia KeyStep
  • Korg NanoKontrol2