New Digs

This is the first time I write here since early June. Thankfully, there is a good reason behind mu absence: in mid-June me and my girlfriend started living together. And because this is a new house, we were able to make some adjustments to my  setup.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that my main keyboard (a Edirol PCR-500) now sits on the lower shelf of a Ultimate AX-48 Pro. The MicroKorg and the MicoBrute alternate as tenants of the upper shelf. Perhaps in the future a third shelf will be added eihter for a laptop, or a Beatsetp Pro, or another keyboard synth ;)

The rest of the space is occupied by Ikea furniture, which provide placement for all the small stuff: Volcas, the QY-70, the SU-10, all the guitar pedals, two half-rack synth modules (a FB-01 and a gorgeous sounding JV-1010) and other little bits. But most important, some duets may be on the way ;)