Yamaha RM1x Resources

Oh… the RM1x. I am so lucky I managed to get hold of one of these straight from a collector’s house (little use, non-smoking environment, all the paint in perfect condition, etc). This is one of my favourite machines, and perhaps my main sequencer for many years to come. That being said, there is some learning curve when approaching this instrument. This is not to say it is difficult to us, but that with much power and flexibility comes a great many deal of options and menus. There are also some annoying quirks: you cannot hit record while playing a patterns, there is no catch mode for the knobs, and the interface does not seem to take full advantage of the available screen. One example is the small lettering on the bottom of the screen while most of the screen is just a representation of the state of the machine, which you cannot interact with.

The manual is more of a reference manual, and has very few hands-on examples of what you can do with this machine (fortunately, the machine comes with a lot of different pre-installed patterns you can study). But the worst thing about this machine is the dreaded List Book. The List Book is a valuable resource when editing sound on the RM1x. It contains tables of all available sounds (and there are a lot to choose from!), Style Presets, as well as a list of all available effects with their respective parameters. Unfortunately, you’ll need a microscope to be able to read all the small print on that book. That is way I transcribed (and partially annotated) parts of the List Book to this page. You can find those tables bellow


Here you’ll find my own annotated versions of the tables in the RM1x List Book. Most tables are quite big, so I had to put each one on its own page. I hope you find them useful. Please note that this is an on-going work, so not all the tables are yet available. Also, I’ll try to update the annotations as I learn more about this machine, so be sure to check them out from time to time. ;)


I am still a novice when it comes to the RM1x. Still, I’ve been managing to pick up some small tricks, tips and information that might interest you. I also feature the RM1x on my YouTube channel from time to time.