Nux Time Core

Delays… this is one of the most useful audio effects you might have in your arsenal. You can use it to create rhythmic patterns, to create some hypnotic repetitions, or to give some ambience. Some delay units can even be used as a poor man’s reverb. I first brought the Nux Time Core with very low expectations: my precious experience with the NUX PG-2 was under par, and most comments about this pedal on amazon UK were mostly negative. But I went forward buying it and after a couple of months using it I don’t regret it at all.

The Nux Time Core is a relatively small orange delay pedal, with a number of algorithms emulating a number of typical delays (Tape, Digital, Analogue/BB, Ping Pong) and some less usual delays, such as Mod or Reverse. There is also a basic built in looper with overdub and capacity to record up to 6 minutes. My first video (above) demos the different algorithms using the Korg Volca Keys. This pedal gives you the usual bunch of control: Time (controls the time between delays), Mix (the balance between the original sound and the delays), Repeat (the number of times your signal repeats), and a knob to select the algorithm. There is also a small switch to set the tails (if the delay keeps going after you turn the pedal off) and also a very basic Tone Lock to keep your settings while the pedal is off.

As for the algorithms available, you have your traditional Tape Delay (that doesn’t go too crazy on high repeat), Digital Delay (nothing new to see here), Analogue Delay (which is actually quite nice, and warm), Ping Pong (alternating between left and right, at double time), Pan (which pans between left and right controlled by a LFO), Mod (adding a little bit of vibrato to the delay signal), and Reverse (in which the delay signal is reversed in the time domain).

There is also a TAP TEMPO function. You need to keep the stomp switch pressed for about 2 seconds. The power LED will start blinking and the stomp switch becomes a Tap Tempo switch. The second video on this post shows the Tap Tempo can be used with the Korg Volca Bass.

All in all, this is a quite decent Delay pedal, which is not going to break your bank account (about $35 on amazon), and can deliver a number of different flavours to your delay needs.