Ambient Kaos, Chapter 7

This improvisation starts with a Dubstep pattern (Dubstep 2) at 80 bpm, and the One Delay on the Mini KP2, to give the illusion of a faster tempo. This is the first, and longest, of 5 takes I did for this track. The other ones, although interesting, are not worth publishing. But they can still be usable as source material for loops in future venues. The general ambiance of this music reflects the rainy weekend I had. Thanks for watching and listening. The Tape Delay kicks in for the last segment of the track, granting it some chaotic character.

This video was recorded Live, audio was recorded directly using a focousrite scarlet 2i2 into Audacity. Post recording treatment was only trimming the silent bits at the begining, fade out at the end, compression and normalization to -1.5dB peak. The final video was produced using Kdenlive.

Setup for the Kaossilator2:
Key: E
Scale: Minor Blues
Tempo : 80.0 bpm
Range: 1 Octave

Setup for the mini-KaosPad2:
FX: One Delay (Tape Delay after 10:51)
Tempo 80 bpm
FX Depth: 65%