New Video, New Channel!

So in the last few months I’ve been considering opening up my hobby of making music (electronic music in particular) and start publishing some of my stuff. This lead me to make the not-so-short video on hooking up a MicroKorg and a Volca Bass.

But today I decided I should do some quality stuff if I’m serious about sharing my stuff with the rest of the world, and therefore launched my public YouTube channel, Philip+. To mark the occasion, I made this cover of Guru Josh Project’s song “Infinity”.

Volca Sample Tutorials

September starts next week, so I decided to finally get some work done on this website. I’m starting a tutorial Series on the Volca Range, starting with the Volca Sample.

Hopefully, I’ll provide one tutorial per week, and each tutorial (except for the intro) will be accompanied by a video demo in my new YouTube channel: Philip+. I’m quite excited about this new project. Make sure to stay tuned! :)

Analogue Meets Digital

So, I recently added a MicroKorg (MK) to my collection, and although this little digital (Virtual Analogue) synth sounds great on it’s own, I thought it would make a nice addition to my Volca setup.

As a fist patch, I tried to hook up the Volca Bass with the MK. This can e easily done using a MIDI cable (MK MIDI Out to the Volca’s MIDI In) and a 1/8″TRS to 2×1/4″TS audio cable (Volca Audio Out to the two Audio Inputs on the MK). Continue reading “Analogue Meets Digital”

Kaossilator2 Tricks Part I – Pad Soundscapes

I never liked the original Kaossilator: it is a large chunky piece of hardware that gives you a monophonic digital synthesizer. Indeed, being both monophonic and digital is its major sin, in my opinion. I am shocked that it is still available in some places at €50+. (!!!)

On the other hand,  Korg’s Kaossilator2 is a small bundle of fun, and has been one of my noise-making companion whenever I wish to jam a little bit in the evening with having to setup my gear, or as a travel companion: just put it in the backpack, together with my headphones and some batteries. Continue reading “Kaossilator2 Tricks Part I – Pad Soundscapes”