RM1x Phrase Categories

We might need a little bit of nomenclature before starting on this table. The RM1x has quite a complex (and almost fractal) way of organizing sequencer data. This is perhaps a compromise from the more dance/techno-oriented perspective (where music starts from relatively small repetitive spinets of sequencer data) and the more classically-oriented perspective, where a piece of music is viewed as a whole, which may be decomposed into phases and motifs. The RM1x stores pattern sets (a collection of patters that may or may not share some musical commonalities) into Styles. Each Style can store up to 16 Sections, and each section contains one single Pattern. In their turn each Pattern contains up to 16 Phrases. Think of a Style has the set you’ll be playing on a live gig. You’ll have it organized across different sections: possibly an Intro, then some build-up, then perhaps a break, then continue to a climax, and perhaps even a small ending section. On each section, you’ll be playing a different pattern (hence the equivalence between Section and Pattern). During each section, variation can be introduced by the way you change sounds on your synthesizer, by you playing a lead part, or by muting and un-muting certain tracks of the sequencer (each of which is playing one Phase).

When in the second page of Pattern Mode, you can mix and match phrases from all styles stored on the machine. This is great for creating a series of different patterns sharing the same basic structure (specially rhythm patterns) without heaving to copy and paste one track at a time. This is also good for re-mixing and re-interpreting existing work… have you ever imagined to play a pop ballad chord sequence on top of a Detroit techno rhythm? ;) Since there are so many phrases to choose from, they are organized in the following categories. Unfortunately, the RM1x excepts all drum phrases to be on tracks 1 to 8, leaving you with tracks 9 to 16 to place your chords, bass lines, leads, etc… So drum patterns are only available for the first 8 tracks, while more melodic and harmonies are only for tracks 9 to 16… except USER phrases, which are available for all tracks and can contain any type of information. :)

Display Sub-Categories Phrase Category Tracks
US 1 User-defined 1 – 8
BD 5 Bass Drum 1 – 8
SD 6 Snare Drum 1 – 8
HH 5 Hi-Hat & Ride 1 – 8
CR 1 Crash Cymbal 1 – 8
PC 1 Percussion 1 – 8
BA 3 Bass 9 – 16
LD 1 Synth. Lead 9 – 16
SQ 1 Synth. Seq. 9 – 16
CH 1 Synth. Chords 9 – 16
PD 1 Synth. Pads 9 – 16
FX 2 Synth. FX 9 – 16
SE 2 Sound Effects 9 – 16
KB 1 Keyboard 9 – 16
GT 1 Guitar 9 – 16
CW 1 Classical / Wind 9 – 16
ET 1 Ethnic 9 – 16