RM1x Bass & Lead Voice List

The following list contains the Voice List for the Bass & Lead category of the RM1x’s voice bank. Because the RM1x was originally thought for the Dance Music community, you’ll find a lot more basses that leads… indeed, the first 57 voices in this list correspond to bass sounds, although some may be used for leads also. From the name, I take that Yamaha sampled some Moog and Oberheim equipment, although the Moog Saw Lead (voice 58) sounds a little bit too generic and lack a bit of the low end and “brass-y-ness” I would expect from a saw on a Moog synth (but different models of the Moog brand do differ substantially in their tone, and Yamaha does not say it comes from a MiniMoog, for example). Interestingly, the sounds that appear to be sampled from a Roland TB-303 are not listed as RL or TB, but under the acronym BL, meaning Bass Lead, I suppose.

Some of the Leads are also good for playing chords, but most of them suffer from limited sampling time (you can hear the loop cuts a little bit too well). The sounds with very noticeable filter of LFO modulation at their source can be difficult to use outside of a very narrow scope of musical applications. Others might benefit from reducing the cutoff frequency on the filter… And you are likely to add reverb to all the lead sounds, to widen them up.

  1. Rezo Bass (highly resonant Bass)
  2. Funk Bass
  3. Bleep Bass
  4. Blip Bass
  5. FM Bass 1
  6. FM Bass 2 (a lot of high harmonics)
  7. Buzz Bass (a lot of Buzz, actually)
  8. Dog Bass
  9. Oct Bass 1
  10. Oct Bass 2
  11. Mono Bass 1
  12. Mono Bass 2
  13. Square Bass 1
  14. Square Bass 2
  15. Deep Bass
  16. Flat Bass
  17. Tri Bass (Triangle Wave)
  18. Sine Bass (Always nice for sub-bass)
  19. DB Bass (Soft bass)
  20. DB Bass Down (Pith Envelope modulation downwards)
  21. Kick Bass 1 (Using a Resonator Kick for a punchy Bass line)
  22. Kick Bass 1 Down (same as before, with Pitch modulation)
  23. Kick Bass 2 (actually quite melodic)
  24. Kick Bass 2 Down (Synth Toms!!!)
  25. CS Resonant Bass (Something sampled from a CS-5, possibly; good for chords also)
  26. MG Bass 1 (Sampled Moog MiniMoog)
  27. MG Bass 2
  28. MG Bass 3
  29. MG Pedal (possibly sampled from a Moog Taurus Pedal Board through a chorus FX)
  30. OB Bass (not as warm as the OB in the name might suggest)
  31. XP Bass
  32. Pizz Bass (Pizzicato Strings)
  33. Talk Bass (not very good talk bass)
  34. Voco Bass 1 (a-o morphing)
  35. Voco Bass 2 (a-e morphing)
  36. Oct. Rez. Bass (Octave Resonant Bass)
  37. Cyber Bass
  38. DkCoreBass (not very good)
  39. Hardcore Bass 1
  40. Hardcore Bass 2
  41. Uni. Bass (Sharp downwards filter sweep followed by LFO dronning)
  42. Sync Low (sync sound… not very useful)
  43. BL Saw 1 (BL must be code for sampled TB-303-ish emulation)
  44. BL Saw 2
  45. BL Saw 3
  46. BL Saw 4
  47. BL Square 1
  48. BL Square 2
  49. BL Square 3
  50. BL Distorted 1
  51. BL Distorted 2
  52. BL Distorted 3
  53. BL Distorted 4
  54. BL Distorted 5
  55. BL Distorted 6
  56. BL Distorted 7
  57. BL Distorted 8
  58. MG Saw (Moog Saw lead, but not very moog-like)
  59. OB Saw (OB-type saw, brassy and with more higher harmonics)
  60. Dual Saw
  61. CS Portamento Lead (Actually, just another saw… somewhere between MG and the OB ones)
  62. Wah Saw
  63. CS Mono Lead
  64. Dual Square (there is always something lovely about two slightly de-tuned square waves)
  65. CS Square
  66. Wah Square
  67. Wah Pulse
  68. Sub Osc 1 (Lead sound with a sub-oscillator)
  69. Sub Osc 2
  70. CS Mod. Lead
  71. PWM Solo (Nick Batt!!!)
  72. Poly Saw
  73. Star Lead
  74. Power Solo (Oh Eh Oh Eh ohehoho Oh Eh Oh Oh)
  75. Sync Lead 1
  76. Sync Lead 2
  77. Beep Lead (LFO-controled Filter Modulation)
  78. Buzz Solo (surprisingly useful!)
  79. 5th Saw¬† (Nice pair of saws… very OB-like)
  80. 5th Pulse (may be used as solo or for chords)
  81. Bend 5th
  82. Pop Lead 4th
  83. Vox Synth 1 (quite a few vowels, velocity-layered)
  84. Vox Synth 2 (more square-wave-like, also velocity layered)
  85. Breath Lead (nice sounding breathy lead, also good for cords)
  86. Pipe Lead

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