January Updates

It’s been a while since I write on this blog, so here’s a quick summary of the end of 2015, and plans for 2016.

By the end of October I knew I was meant to go to India on work, so I spent most of my spare time in November preparing for the trip (doctor’s appointments, visa, flight plans, touring plans, etc). On December first I took the long and boring Porto-Frankfurt-Delhi-Lucknow flights, followed by a two-hour drive to Kanpur. While I was in India, this website, and the Volca Sample Tutorial Series were feature in an article in Synthopia, which was overwhelmingly great.

I arrived back at home on December, the 16th only to find out my lab was going to be closed between Christmas and New Year’s day….So, since I only had one week to do the work I meant to do during the whole month, I did not paying much attention to the website. Even the video production was a little bit delayed! I pre-recorded much of the Volca Tips & Tricks videos launched in December, but the fourth chapter of Ambient Kaos had to be created, rehearsed and recorded in less than a week. Despite some encouraging comments (strangely, more people seem to like this video rather than the previous Chapter), I feel it is bellow par.

Ambient Kaos #3: Not as acclaimed as the fourth, but still my favorite Kaos.

On January there were some interesting developments:  My latest article on Vanadium chemistry was submitted (I’m still waiting for the reviewer’s evaluation), I definitively started my new work on graphene, and I also managed to take advantage of Arturia’s promotion, and added a MicroBrute (and a SQ-1) to my collection. I am now preparing a two-part tutorial on using Control Voltage (CV) with the Monotribe. I also recorded a pair of music videos I might publish on my YouTube channel.

I’m still trying to do the fifth chapter of Ambient Kaos, but I’m starting to feel the limitations of the devices, and most of what is coming out of the speakers looks a little bit too similar to Chapters 2 and 3. So I’m probably end the Ambient Kaos series in February, with Chapter 6.

I also started a new tutorial video series about the MicroKorg. I have to record a number of episodes beforehand to accommodate for holidays and times when work becomes more intense, but I hope to start publishing them by March or April. Finally, I think I’m now ready to start populating the rest of this website, and see if I can transform it into something useful and enjoyable. :)