Behringer Reverb Machine RV600

Last November, I started to do some demos of some of the inexpensive FX pedals I own. In this video, Behringer’s RV600 (Reverb Machine) takes the sound of Korg’s Volca Keys and gives it some spread using each its 11 reverb algorithms.

They say everything sounds better with a reverb, and it’s true. This pedal does a pretty good job at spreading the sound of the also inexpensive Volca Keys. The TONE knob is basically a low-pass filter that cuts the higher harmonics, allowing bass and middle register sound to sit well on the mix.

Some Cons not mentioned on the video: The battery compartment is located beneath the switch. So, changing the batteries involves some disassembling of the pedal: I’d stick to using a power adaptor. Also, the pedal is nice to use on the desk, but I don’t know how long would it last if you use it as a stomp box. Some say the pedal is noisy, but I could not confirm that with my unit (the recording is almost clipping at some points, and no noise above -54dB is noticed). However, I’m using a good, regulated, 2A power supply on a pedal that only consumed 0.1A. Also, notice that when using an electric guitar, the amplifier usually sits after this pedal, while on a synth (specially in a studio), most amplification is done within the synthesizer, so any artefact created by the pedal can go unnoticed.

This is one of the most inexpensive reverb pedals out there. You can buy them for about  $50 on amazon, or about £30 on amazon (UK), if you live in the UK or in mainland Europe (yes, they deliver this item to most European countries).